Best of 2016

2016 was not a huge reading year for me. I found a lot of the books I read were kind of “catch up” from books that came out in 2015 or earlier, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t great reads! A lot of my time was also spent completing readings for class or for my internship at a literary agency. Since this is my first “Best of” post I want to state that my lists don’t include anything I read that hasn’t been released yet. For example, I read Caraval July 2016 and it is definitely my favorite book of the year, but it doesn’t come out until January 2017 so it will be considered for my Best of 2017 post. These books are in a loose order from my most favorite to fifth favorite of the year.

And I Darken by Kiersten White

This gender-bent retelling of Vlad the Impaler was an instant love for me once I finished it. I need the next one already! The richly developed and intertwined characters are amazing and addictive. Plus, Lada is so feisty that even with her flaws she easily grew on me. White does a fantastic job of building the world. I found myself forgetting that the story is historically based to an extent. I wrote a whole review on it in case you want multiple paragraphs of me gushing about it.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Maddie has grown up being confined to her home due to a disease that has left her allergic to being outside. She’s accepted this as life until a new neighbor makes her decide to question it all. This is such a quick and cute read that is beautifully written. It came out in 2015 and is now becoming a movie, so if you haven’t gotten to it yet I highly recommend catching up! Since it is one of my favorites, I wrote a review on this book too.

Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Every birthday comes with a new date she isn’t expected to live until, but when Aza dies on her 16th birthday she finds herself on a ship in the sky she has been dreaming of instead of actually dead. From there, as you can imagine, adventure ensues. This book’s atmosphere just felt so different to me. I loved the magical, weightless feeling I got from reading Magonia. It was like I was up in the sky with Aza trying to learn about this new world. Dahvana Headley included so many little details that made the birds and Aza’s illness come to life. I adored this book!

Furiously Happy by Jennifer Lawson

Whenever I need to laugh out loud or feel a bit saner, this is going to be my go-to book. Furiously Happy is a collection of essays Lawson wrote about dealing with her mental illness and the craziness that is her life and family. There were raccoon pictures throughout, which automatically makes books better in my opinion. This is an adult book, but is certainly something older teens could pick up and enjoy. Since this is on my favorites list, I of course have a review on it for me to shamelessly plug.

Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

When Frances survives the hijacking and sinking of the cruise ship she is on, she has to take on the identity of her best friend that died on the ship because the only two other people who survived are lying about what happened that night. Determined to get the truth out there, this thriller seemed to capture the traumatic experiences a ship wreck survivor would experience in a completely realistic way. The entire time I was reading this it was playing out like an amazing suspense movie in my head. Frances is the master of manipulation and it makes for a great revenge novel.

Thanks for reading about my 2016 favorites! Were any of these on your favorite lists or past lists? What was your favorite book this year?