About Me

IMG_7289lr edI’m Katie, a young adult book addict. Recently, I graduated college and am now devouring as many books as I can before I find my first job in book publishing. This site is dedicated to reviews of my recent reads and a list of upcoming NYC young adult book events. If I’m already checking every bookstore’s site, why not make it easier for you? Some of my favorite young adult genres are fantasy, mystery/suspense, contemporary, or historical fiction. While my list of favorite books is constantly changing, Graceling by Kristin Cashore has claimed its spot at the top for quite a few years now.

With so many amazing books out there, I always worry that the next book I am pumped to read will actually be a let down. Hopefully through my reviews you can decide which books seem worth picking out of your “to be read” pile next, as well as finding a couple of new ones to add!

Review Policy:

I am currently accepting books for review from publishers. I would be more than happy to read and review ARCs and published books. E-books are also welcomed. If your book is self-published and feel it fits in with the books I review, feel free to email me a synopsis and I will consider it for review.

I am a fast reader and will do my best to read and review any books in a timely manner, but if you have a certain date in mind please let me know so I can determine if it is a deadline I am confident I can make. If there is anything besides what is mentioned in my regular reviews that you would like added, please let me know. If a book does not live up to my expectations, I will respectfully explain what I disliked while also pointing out the good aspects too. I will not be rude or inappropriate about any book or author.

My reviews will be posted on this blog and mentioned on Twitter (@yabeautifulbook) and will email you a copy of the review once it is posted.

As you hopefully read in my About Me, I love reading young adult fantasy, mystery/thriller, contemporary, or historical fiction novels. Since I love YA books and authors, I would be thrilled to promote them through giveaways, blog tours, or an author interview.

Feel free to contact me at: yabeautifulbook@gmail.com

Thank you for considering Come Here YA Beautiful Book!

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