New Book by Kristin Cashore!!!

Graceling was published in 2008. Bitterblue, the last book in the Graceling series, came out in 2012. That is five years of reading Kristin Cashore’s blog and waiting – seeing the posts about book plotting, revisions, fun things in her life, revisions, her opinions about things of the world, and more revisions, and more of me waiting. BUT THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME, Kristin Cashore has announced a new book will be published THIS YEAR!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading her blog posts, but when I read the news about a new book I squealed, did a happy dance, added the book to my Goodreads, and read the announcement again.

Jane, Unlimited is currently set for publication September 19, 2017 and you can bet you’re going to be hearing about it from me a lot leading up until then and likely after. The story follows Jane, whose eccentric aunt has disappeared. Her aunt’s main advice to her growing up was to always accept an invitation to Tu Reviens, an island mansion, and when glamorous Kiran Thomas invites her to a gala there she finds more than she expects. At least, that’s what I gather from the summary, but it’s enough to have me SUPER EXCITED.

She also mentioned in one of her blog posts that there is another unrelated book in the works *squeals and happy dances again*!!! If you haven’t got the gist yet, I can’t wait!!

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