B.O.W. Summer Teen Panel

image2I got to attend Books of Wonder’s Summer Teen Panel and it was awesome! Carrie Firestone, Aimee Friedman, and Christine Heppermann were all there to discuss their new books. Not only does my to-be-read list now have a few more books added to it, but it was great to hear about each author’s writing process for the books before I began to read them.

One thing that made this selection of three women even more interesting was the different stages of publishing they are in – debut author to a well-published author. Aimee talked about how different social media has made publishing since her first book because of how much hype a book can get before it even comes out thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and blogs like this one! On the other end of the spectrum, Carrie was able to talk about how thrilling it is to have her first book published. A fun fact Carrie shared with me is that she wrote her entire first draft (over 90,000 words) in six weeks, then cut it down by retyping the whole thing!

If you have author events near you, I highly recommend attending them.

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Author Features:
Aimee Friedman is born-and-raised New Yorker. She attended Vassar College and graduated in 2001. She works as children’s book editor and manages to find time to write the New York Times bestseller, South Beach and others, including Two Summers.
Check out her site!

Carrie Firestone is the debut author of The Loose Ends List. This well-traveled English teacher is often found trying to keep control of her two daughters and two dogs (or get them to participate in a conga line, as her website boasts).


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Christine Heppermann received her undergraduate degree from Trinity University and eventually a masters from Simmons College and Hamline University. She reviews YA books as well, although for the much more prestigious Chicago Tribune. Her previously published YA book is Poisoned Apples.

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