2017 Reading Goals

Most years what I read just breaks down to whatever I feel like reading most and get around to during that time, but this year I want to set some goals. While I hope to be able to check all of these off by the end of the year, it won’t kill me if I don’t accomplish some. The overall plan is just to read more!

  • Work on completing the Diversity Bingo Challenge 2017 (as pictured below).
    This is kind of a challenge within my goals, but like I said for my goals, it’s not something for me to beat myself up over if I don’t finish it. It is a way to make sure I’m reading from a wider range of perspectives.
  • Read 1 Harry Potter book per month
    • January – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
    • February – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    • March – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    • April – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    • May – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    • June – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    • July – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
  • Read 1 Pretty Little Liars book per month once I finish the HP series
    • August – Burned
    • September – Crushed
    • October – Deadly
    • November –Toxic
    • December – Vicious

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Extraordinary Means

23149128Extraordinary Means

Author: Robyn Schneider
Series: Stand-alone
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 5/26/2015
Pages: 336
Source: Purchased

Read All About It:
John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars meets Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park in this darkly funny novel from the critically acclaimed author of The Beginning of Everything.

Up until his diagnosis, Lane lived a fairly predictable life. But when he finds himself at a tuberculosis sanatorium called Latham House, he discovers an insular world with paradoxical rules, med sensors, and an eccentric yet utterly compelling confidante named Sadie—and life as Lane knows it will never be the same. Continue reading



Author: Stephanie Garber
Series: Caraval, #1
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Publication Date: 1/31/17
Pages: 416
Source: ARC

Read All About It:
Whatever you’ve heard about Caraval, it doesn’t compare to the reality. It’s more than just a game or a performance. It’s the closest you’ll ever find to magic in this world . . . 

Welcome, welcome to Caraval—Stephanie Garber’s sweeping tale of two sisters who escape their ruthless father when they enter the dangerous intrigue of a legendary game.

Scarlett has never left the tiny island where she and her beloved sister, Tella, live with their powerful, and cruel, father. Now Scarlett’s father has arranged a marriage for her, and Scarlett thinks her dreams of seeing Caraval, the far-away, once-a-year performance where the audience participates in the show, are over.

But this year, Scarlett’s long-dreamt of invitation finally arrives. With the help of a mysterious sailor, Tella whisks Scarlett away to the show. Only, as soon as they arrive, Tella is kidnapped by Caraval’s mastermind organizer, Legend. It turns out that this season’s Caraval revolves around Tella, and whoever finds her first is the winner.

Scarlett has been told that everything that happens during Caraval is only an elaborate performance. But she nevertheless becomes enmeshed in a game of love, heartbreak, and magic with the other players in the game. And whether Caraval is real or not, she must find Tella before the five nights of the game are over, a dangerous domino effect of consequences is set off, and her sister disappears forever. Continue reading

Top 10 Anticipated Reads 2017

2017 is here!! And so are some of the 2017 new book releases. My TBR list is already growing, so I figure it’s only fair if yours grows too. While there are TONS of books I’m excited to have come out, I’m going to try and narrow it down to just 10. They aren’t listed in any order. This list is based on The Broke & The Bookish weekly prompt. Are some of these your most anticipated reads? What are you looking forward to reading?

  1. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

I was able to read this book in 2016 and it was MY FAVORITE READ OF THE YEAR! Yes, I loved it (and plan to review it this Friday). Caraval is about two sisters, Scarlett and Tella who escape from their abusive father to Caraval, a magical and interactive performance/game that grants the winner one wish. When Tella is kidnapped after arriving on the island where Caraval is held, Scarlett chooses to team up with Julian, the mysterious guy that helped the sisters escape, in order to enter the game and find who took her sister. This book was captivating and beautifully written, plus there will be a sequel!

  1. King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

King’s Cage is the third book in the Red Queen series, which I loved! Red Queen follows Mare, a Red who is suppressed by the Silver. Silver are considered elite due to the power’s their silver blood gives them. When Mare finds herself working in the palace for the Silver’s she hates it’s revealed that she has powers despite being a Red. As the elite claim her as a long lost Silver to cover up her true background, it provides her the perfect opportunity to work with a rebel group who calls themselves the Red Guard. There’s blood, romance, and the best elements/tropes from YA mashed together for an action-packed series.

  1. American Street by Ibi Zobi

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Best of 2016

2016 was not a huge reading year for me. I found a lot of the books I read were kind of “catch up” from books that came out in 2015 or earlier, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t great reads! A lot of my time was also spent completing readings for class or for my internship at a literary agency. Since this is my first “Best of” post I want to state that my lists don’t include anything I read that hasn’t been released yet. For example, I read Caraval July 2016 and it is definitely my favorite book of the year, but it doesn’t come out until January 2017 so it will be considered for my Best of 2017 post. These books are in a loose order from my most favorite to fifth favorite of the year.

And I Darken by Kiersten White

This gender-bent retelling of Vlad the Impaler was an instant love for me once I finished it. I need the next one already! The richly developed and intertwined characters are amazing and addictive. Plus, Lada is so feisty that even with her flaws she easily grew on me. White does a fantastic job of building the world. I found myself forgetting that the story is historically based to an extent. I wrote a whole review on it in case you want multiple paragraphs of me gushing about it.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Maddie has grown up being confined to her home due to a disease that has left her allergic to being outside. She’s accepted this as life until a new neighbor makes her decide to question it all. This is such a quick and cute read that is beautifully written. It came out in 2015 and is now becoming a movie, so if you haven’t gotten to it yet I highly recommend catching up! Since it is one of my favorites, I wrote a review on this book too.

Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Every birthday comes with a new date she isn’t expected to live until, but when Aza dies on her 16th birthday she finds herself on a ship in the sky she has been dreaming of instead of actually dead. From there, as you can imagine, adventure ensues. This book’s atmosphere just felt so different to me. I loved the magical, weightless feeling I got from reading Magonia. It was like I was up in the sky with Aza trying to learn about this new world. Dahvana Headley included so many little details that made the birds and Aza’s illness come to life. I adored this book!

Furiously Happy by Jennifer Lawson

Whenever I need to laugh out loud or feel a bit saner, this is going to be my go-to book. Furiously Happy is a collection of essays Lawson wrote about dealing with her mental illness and the craziness that is her life and family. There were raccoon pictures throughout, which automatically makes books better in my opinion. This is an adult book, but is certainly something older teens could pick up and enjoy. Since this is on my favorites list, I of course have a review on it for me to shamelessly plug.

Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

When Frances survives the hijacking and sinking of the cruise ship she is on, she has to take on the identity of her best friend that died on the ship because the only two other people who survived are lying about what happened that night. Determined to get the truth out there, this thriller seemed to capture the traumatic experiences a ship wreck survivor would experience in a completely realistic way. The entire time I was reading this it was playing out like an amazing suspense movie in my head. Frances is the master of manipulation and it makes for a great revenge novel.

Thanks for reading about my 2016 favorites! Were any of these on your favorite lists or past lists? What was your favorite book this year?

New Book by Kristin Cashore!!!

Graceling was published in 2008. Bitterblue, the last book in the Graceling series, came out in 2012. That is five years of reading Kristin Cashore’s blog and waiting – seeing the posts about book plotting, revisions, fun things in her life, revisions, her opinions about things of the world, and more revisions, and more of me waiting. BUT THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME, Kristin Cashore has announced a new book will be published THIS YEAR!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading her blog posts, but when I read the news about a new book I squealed, did a happy dance, added the book to my Goodreads, and read the announcement again. Continue reading

Starting Fresh

starting-fresh-pictureOkay, guys, so clearly I have been a bit absent for the last few months – but that is going to change!! This past semester of college was an incredibly busy and hectic one. I was taking extra classes, working a lot, and ended up being really sick, which made everything pile up. Luckily, it is done and I’m going to have a lot more free time, which I plan on dedicating to writing more posts!

Some things you can expect to see happening: Continue reading

July TBR List

FullSizeRenderHow is July already here? Please tell time to pause for a while (maybe so I could get through my whole TBR pile). This month I’m hoping to focus on completing series that I’m in the middle of because I’ve needed to finish them for way too long. It’s all of those pretty new covers that distract me! Plus, I’d love to finish any ARCs I have coming out in August so you guys can read what I think sooner. Continue reading

The Memory Book

9780316283748_p0_v2_s192x300The Memory Book

Author: Lara Avery
Series: Stand-alone Novel
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 7/5/2016
Pages: 368
Source: ARC from BookCon 2016

*I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*

Read All About It:
They tell me that my memory will never be the same, that I’ll start forgetting things. At first just a little, and then a lot. So I’m writing to remember.

Sammie McCoy is a girl with a plan: graduate at the top of her class and get out of her small town as soon as possible. Nothing will stand in her way—not even the rare genetic disorder the doctors say will slowly steal her memories and then her health.

So the memory book is born: a journal written to Sammie’s future self, so she can remember everything from where she stashed her study guides to just how great it feels to have a best friend again. It’s where she’ll record every perfect detail of her first date with longtime-crush Stuart, a gifted young writer home for the summer. And where she’ll admit how much she’s missed her childhood friend Cooper, and the ridiculous lengths he will go to make her laugh. The memory book will ensure Sammie never forgets the most important parts of her life—the people who have broken her heart, those who have mended it—and most of all, that if she’s going to die, she’s going to die living. Continue reading

We Own the Night

We Own the Night

Author: Ashley Poston
Series: Radio Hearts Series, #2
Publisher: Bloomsbury Spark
Publication Date: 6/28/16
Pages: 238
Source: Requested from Netgalley

*I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*

Read All About It:
No one would ever suspect that responsible, ugly-sweater-wearing Ingrid North is the incognito radio deejay known only as Niteowl. Finally a high school grad, she can’t wait to get out of her tiny hometown of Steadfast, Nebraska (population three hundred and forty-seven) to chase her dreams. Thankfully, her three best friends–Billie, LD, and Micah (who she is definitely, absolutely not in love with)–are more concerned with spending one last epic summer together than finding out where Ingrid slinks off to every weekend.

But for that one glorious hour every Saturday night, Iggy shucks her own skin to become Niteowl–an infamous and daring deejay with the answers to everyone’s love life but her own. There is one caller in particular–Dark and Brooding–whose raspy laugh and snarky humor is just sexy enough to take her mind off the fact that Micah is rapidly falling for a Mean-Girls-worthy nightmare. But when Ingrid lands an interview in New York City for the internship of a lifetime, her secret life begins to unravel. It’s her chance to follow her heart, but she’ll have to leave everything behind–her ailing grandmother, her friends, her radio show . . . and a chance at her very own happy ending.

Torn between her dreams and her home, Iggy begins to realize that to get what she wants she has to give up the things that mean the most to her. But letting go could lead to a summer of sunflowers, rock stars, and the show of a lifetime.

And Iggy might just find that her real life begins when Niteowl goes off the air.  Continue reading